Two weeks ago I spent the entire weekend at The Art of Living Retreat in the breathtaking mountains of Boone, NC.

My girlfriend had invited me on a girls’ trip getaway to the mountains of North Carolina to “rejuvenate our tired ole mama souls”. I had been feeling exhausted, all consumed with family obligations and too many hours behind my computer screen. I gladly accepted her invitation and we set off on our mission to get a bit of ourselves back. We both felt lost in the maelstrom of day to day stressors that all moms can relate to.

The weekend included all vegetarian meals, meditation classes, yoga, pottery, hiking, and Ayurvedic teas galore. Oh, and a delicious spa treatment that had me feeling more relaxed than I had been in a very long time. It was the perfect fit for this mama who really needed to reconnect with herself and nurture her body and mind.

The best thing about the weekend was being able to do it all with a girlfriend. Our long talks and deep discussions were medicine for my soul. I highly recommend grabbing another stressed mama and getting away, even if it’s just for a couple of days. You’d be surprised how easy it is to get renewed vigor!

Read all about my great weekend at The Art of Living Retreat in my latest article for ABC 11.




PS. As a busy mom, do you ever feel the need to get away and reconnect with yourself? Let’s chat below in the comments!