Recently the hubby flew down to Atlanta, Georgia for two weeks to film a television series. I had helped him tape his original audition and was his “reader” during the Skyped callback with the producers and director. When he got this lead role, we celebrated with a high five. Although it may seem so exciting and out of the ordinary to others, for us, it’s all part of a normal work life.

We have both been acting for many years in theatre and on film. We have had the pleasure of working with insanely talented, famous actors and directors and alongside the most hardworking people you’ll ever meet- stage crews and TV and film crews. We’ve starred in regional television commercials and filmed dozens of industrials (video used for training purposes). We have voiced video game characters, animé, corporate giants’ voicemails, and narrated documentary films. We should be famous, right? Rich, at the very least? Um. no. Not exactly.

There are so many working actors today that will never be famous (nor like us, want to be), never be able to rely on acting as steady employment and certainly never get rich doing it. We audition a lot. We work hard once the role is booked and get paid very generously if you consider our hourly rate. But these jobs only come around a few times a year so we’re definitely not quitting our day jobs.

Now, you’d think the kids would think seeing Dad on TV again was pretty magical. I mean, not everyone’s Dad/Bonus Dad is usually on the big screen! They do get a little excited to sit down and watch whatever show he is on, but to them, it’s almost as normal as seeing any other parent at work. After all, they’ve grown up seeing us on stage, helping to film our auditions and even acting alongside of us.

So no, we’re not rich and famous, but we are actors and we are lucky. Lucky to be able to work in an industry we love, surrounded by creative people who inspire us and to share that love for the industry with the kids. In the meantime, I’ll just keep telling the kids that the reason that we were offered a newly opened register at Target was that we “must have been recognized”. Kids deserve a little bit of magical thinking in their lives. 😉