Some young women dream of careers, of marriage, of fame and fortune, of travel, of the excitement life can bring. My dream was always, for as long as I can remember, even from the youngest age….my dream was to be a mother. To nurture a child and help them make a difference in the world. To love a child so they can learn how to love the world around them.

My oldest asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day. I told him nothing more than a letter from him so that I could know he appreciated me. He said, “that’s all?”. He doesn’t know I am preparing him to be a loving husband and father. One that can be in touch enough with his emotions to write love poems and letters to his wife and children one day. To be able to express his feelings without shame or embarrassment. To listen to his heart above all else, even when reason interferes.

I asked my daughter to cook something for me. She thinks it’s because I want to feel like a queen for a day. She doesn’t realize it’s so one day, she can nurture a family of her own. So she can be a strong anchor in the kitchen, the soul of her home. So she can learn the love of cooking for others, of putting love into the food that nourishes her family. To find pleasure in taking care of others so one day, she can be as selfless as a mother needs to be.

I asked my youngest to keep her underwear dry all day, to remember to close the door when she tinkles and to wash her hands afterwards without being reminded. Not because I’m tired of changing diapers, but so she will learn the gift of independence. So that she will be strong enough to ask for privacy when she needs it and understand that at some point, we need to learn to live as an adult even though we very much want to stay a child.

So on Mother’s Day, a mother’s work continues. The nature of a mother is selfless, just as it needs to be. It would be nice to have a break from the responsibility, the pressure, the work, the planning, worrying, and giving. And I will take some of that time to recharge. But when I get overwhelmed with my role, I try to remember…it was always my dream to be a mother.

I’m so lucky that my dreams came true.


I first published this article in 2013. Although a lot has changed in my writing style, as I re-read this oldie but goodie post I realized I’m just as sappy about my family now as I was then. 🙂

Since 2013, I’ve added a bonus daughter to the mix who has blown up my heart a few sizes more. My family has changed and I’ve added on a role as stepmom, but I still find my words ringing true. I thought I’d share them again during this Mother’s Day celebration week.


 Happy Mother’s Day!

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What are your reflections on Mother’s Day? Let’s chat in the comments below!