I love sharing things I love with friends and readers alike. Although I’m always happy to accept products from brands for any member of my family, there is no guaranteed coverage in a post or on social media. Products sent will be for consideration only.

My Gifting Rules:

• I do not accept gifts in exchange for coverage or content or in lieu of payment.
• All gifts are given without any guarantee of coverage; they are for consideration only.
• If I do choose to write about the gift, I will do so within my own timeframe and within a context I deem appropriate.
• Gifted items will absolutely be declared as such within every piece of content.
• Any content or imagery produced around/of the gift remains my property alone and reproduction of content or imagery will only be possible with my written permission.
• Once a gift has been received, it becomes my property to use and/or dispose of as I see fit.

If you’d like a media kit with sponsored partnering opportunities and rates listed please don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected].