The thing to do it seems, every new year is to make a list of resolutions. The thing that seems to happen every year, is that the detailed resolutions list I painstakingly put together at the start of January is mostly forgotten by February and by March, well…”list? what list?”.

I decided to take a different approach this year and not torture myself with the usual feelings of inadequacy come March. This year, I’m simplifying and making my list short and sweet!

My easy New Year’s Resolutions for 2018:

1. Prioritize work less. It seems 2017 was the year for all things career and our family life suffered. 4 kids and a mama at her desk all day does not a happy family make! I’ve missed bedtime stories, volunteer opportunities at their schools and snuggles. With my oldest in high school, it seems they are growing up in between blinks. I can’t afford to miss time with my husband and kids so I am scheduling a hard stop time to my work days.

2. Read, read read. I used to read a book every week. As life has gotten more hectic, reading is the first thing that’s gone out the window. The kids gifted me at Christmas with brand new books to read and I plan on taking them everywhere I go. There is certainly at least time enough to read while I’m in carpool lane every day! I’m delving in to Tina Brown’s Vanity Fair Diaries first- can’t wait! Oh, and by the way, my pile of unread Garden and Guns and Town and Country magazines count too.

3. Try one new thing or have one new experience every month. I am guilty of sticking to the same favorite restaurants, the same exercise programs, the same routes to school, etc.  I’ve come up with a list of new things I want to try and this resolution involves pushing myself out of the familiar “comfort zone”  just a bit more often.

So there you have it! Manageable, easy goals that I’m confident I can stick to. Mostly because this isn’t a wish list but a true reflection of things that I very much want to do or change. After all, resolutions can’t be kept if you don’t have a driving desire for the end result.

Happy New Year!