When you think of actors, you generally think of actors on television, in film or on stage in a theatre. As “typical” working actors, in our family we do a little of each of those things but, to keep the lights on, we also do commercials and corporate videos. The corporate videos we shoot are usually training videos for different companies or industries. These are the videos that new hires might watch to get a sense of corporate identity, structure or to review rules and regulations. This week, the hubs was grateful for re-occurring work with the state realty commission to produce training videos for realtors across the state. We always hope for a great, easy, collaborative client and a great seasoned, professional crew but  a bonus is a great client and a great crew that you have worked with previously. It makes the process so much easier. We know what to expect once we get on set and they have confidence that we can produce the work that’s expected. It’s a win-win!